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“Though Astrology is like a deep ocean…anybody can get knowledge through going deeply in water and get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge.”

—Onkarlal Sharma Prmad

An astrological blueprint, or birth/natal chart, is a snapshot of the cosmos of the exact moment of your birth. The beautiful thing is, just like you are your own unique Self, so is your birth chart. 

As a Sagittarius sun with a stellium in Sag, I am a forever student of life, traveler, and freedom seeker (like, wickedly lol). All my Sag energy speaks to the fire that rules my chart-- Sag fire is chill like a nighttime campfire. 


As a Virgo rising, I am the loving Mother Earth, cleaner upper, and I love organizing specific things like parties and ceremonies...and tidying my home each morning helps me feel ready for the day. Very Virgo.


As a Pisces moon, I am a divine creative channel that flows between spirit and human, and I see the complete magic in all of life. 


With my Sag stellium in the 3rd house and Gemini on my mid heaven, I am heavily influenced in communication--for me specifically this is what makes me a great channel in combo with my Pisces moon.

My north node is in Cancer, and man, do I feel that rolling in as I end my 30's this year! Mama Cancer is showing me the way home within, the mother inside me, where home wants to be, and the rooting that wants to take place! 


I have a night chart, and just like the night, I easily and deeply go within to process.

Maybe you understood some of this astro speak, maybe it sounds like a foreign language;) 

In a reading, we get to piece together the language, the song, the flow, the dance, of your chart! This is the


that your Soul has sent you here with! Why not get to know yourself even better and understand your inner workings in relation to you and the world?

Finding challenges in your communication? You will have your own style. 

Wondering why certain needs aren't being met? Your chart may guide you to HOW to meet those needs.

Feeling stuck or unsure how to move forward? Where's that showing up in your chart? 

Seeing the same wounds play out with yourself and/or your family line? Guess what: it's probably in the stars.

The good news is your chart gives you a front row seat to understanding how YOU operate--not how society thinks you SHOULD operate!


Ok, so it's pretty great that you have your natal chart...what's even better?!

Having your records open through your session to hear straight from the mouth of YOUR Soul as to WHY you chose your exact astro placements and HOW to specifically work with this energy FOR YOU PERSONALLY! 

Sure, you're a Leo sun--WHY? Why did your Soul choose that specifically for you in this life?? What does that say about past lives? What does that say more deeply as to what you're embodying in this life? 

So many questions....luckily we have the time;)

Astro-Akashic Offerings



North Node Focus

The Big 3...Plus One;) 

Family Patterns (very interesting!)

And...the chart leads us where it wants to take us!

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