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Private, Group Parties, Monthly Meeting, + Training


Imagine this: 

In the most beautiful + magical library, there is a book that's all about YOU. This book is a record of your Souls journey- everywhere your soul has been and all it has experienced. In these records of your book, you are then able to access your very own Soul wisdom: your Akashic Records. 

Through accessing your records, you will gain clarity and insight in ways you may not have imagined. The records hold all the lessons- both past and present- you have learned and continue to learn. This spectacular place will speak with love, affirmation, and understanding as the records bridge your Soul to your humanness. 

Akashic records will show you how your Soul is perfectly on time, how to heal, and help your human self relax into your life experience more fully. Welcome to grabbing the key to your very own freedom! 

You may ask the records anything! Some topics  may include:


*Healing/Health       *Life Purpose       *Work/Job/Business      *Passions      *Creativity      *Pets/Animals       *Sex/Intimacy      *Past Lives      *Teachings/Lessons     *Relationships/Soul Contracts       *Forgiveness       *Ancestors       *Money/Finances       *Stuck Spots      *Intuition/Spirituality       *Death/Transformation      *General Soul Info

*Anything else that sparks your fancy to chat about-all welcome!

What To Expect In A Reading: 


Really though--this is such a sacred, beautiful space where you will be held in utmost love, compassion, and healing:)

I channel and perceive information in many ways including seeing, hearing, feeling, and having a felt senses--whatever way they need to get the message across through me, they will drop in in these various forms. 

Before we meet I will send you a topics and questions sheet that you can use as a guide to create a list of your own questions. All questions welcome, as we will move through everything we can. The records have this incredible way of answering more than one question at once--and really have you understand the interconnection between all the areas of your life. 


When we meet via phone or zoom, we will briefly check in then open the space through taking a few moments to guide you back to your heart and breath. As we call all of your energies back to you, I will connect to your records and open them.

They always give me something to offer you off the bat, and then we open the floor for you to have an open conversation with your essence--your Soul. 

You are the guide here, and the information coming through will only be relevant and for your highest good and healing. 

A lot of people first come into these readings feeling both nervous and excited--all parts of you are welcome!! We honor all of it, and once we begin the nerves subside as you recognize you are being held in the presence of love itself. 

At the end of your reading, I will check if there's anything else your records want you to know. Then like the opening, we will gently come back together and wrap you up with closing words to honor this magic.


People always feel lighter, more optimistic, clear, like they have direction, and many more uplifting ways of feeling when they leave these readings.

Some folx like book a follow up and check in if that feels supportive afterward as well. 

There's no recommended amount of time to have between readings--everyone may need something different. It's all about listening to when you're called to revisit this magical space again! 


Welcome Home:
Learn How To Access Your Akashic Records, Learn To Read Another's!

Please see "Events" page for info!

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