One-On-One, Private Group, & Monthly Group!

Imagine this: 

There is the most beautiful library, and in this library has a book that's all about YOU. This book holds the path of your whole souls journey- everywhere your soul has been and all it has experienced- has been recorded here in the Akashic Records! 

Through accessing your records, you will gain such clarity and insight in ways you may not have imagined. The records hold all the lessons- both past and present- you have learned and continue to learn. This spectacular place will speak with love, affirmation, and understanding as the records bridge the soul to the human. 

Akashic records will show you how your soul is perfectly on time, and that may help your human self relax into your life experience more fully. Welcome to grabbing the key to your very own freedom! 

You may ask the records anything! Some topics  may include:


Life Lessons- past and present

 Past Lives


 Life Purpose

                   Relationships/Soul Contracts                    


                 Loved Ones/Ancestors                   

Creativity/Creative Process

                           Health Issues/Healing                         Money



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