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"Temple Lomilomi was a real healing experience. The session was a seamless blend of shamanic and physical healing. It was not a temporary fix or symptomatic relief. I left feeling profoundly changed."

-Dave E.


Just like the beautiful ocean waves of Hawaii, these gentle waves of lomilomi will deliciously roll over your body to reconnect you back to your self as you deeply release through mind, body, Soul. 


This is the sweet and sacred space of surrendering into, of shifting, of resetting, and of a practice of forgiveness. Lomi is deep work with the WHOLE self- truly + shamanically transformational on a cellular, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.
























Heartworks Style

One of my teachers says in this style the hands act as an extension of the heart. Heartworks is 75 minutes, and utilizes the hands for flow over your body, creating both long and short repetitive strokes to relax the nervous system. You will feel the infusion of love with Heartworks!

Temple Style

 Temple opens with a powerful chant of calling in the ancestors, and closes with a ceremony of restful healing. Through this session, forearms flow over your body creating relaxation and deep release of tension in mind, body, and spirit. This 2 hour session is deliciously transformative, and you will leave with greater insights! 

Lomilomi also includes:

Bonewashing: clearing calcifications and stored memories in the bones

Clearing The Rivers: cleansing and opening your energy channels

Ho'oponopono: forgiveness prayer

Creating Space: moving and gently shaking out the joints to...create space;)

Breathwork: THE most important part of Lomilomi

Laulima: laying of the hands

Po'o: beautiful and relaxing head massage


This journey is beautiful, and I am honored to offer such depth of PROFOUND bodywork to you!


Bodywork sessions are regularly: 

90 min/$160

120 min/$220


Packages are: 


90 min: 




120 min: 



LGBTQIA+/BIPOC Sliding Scale for Bodywork:

$120-$160 for a single 90 minute session

$180-$220 for a single 2 hour session

With a beautiful space at CLINIC Alternative Medicines in Northampton, MA, I invite to book directly with me through:




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