Chakradance™ is a sweet dance with the soul.


It's an inward journey where you meet your self exactly where you are, and illuminate your 7 major chakras (energy centers). Each chakra is key holder to a part of yourself and your life. They hold imprints from life experiences  which can effect how you are in relationship with your life today. Are you aware of old patterns or pain that is still playing a role? Possibly not, for these imprints may be hid pretty well deep inside. Chakradance™ is about balancing, unblocking, and freeing up your energy flow. When energy is flowing through you, you feel better and more clear emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 


So, what about the chakras? They start at the base of your spine and are aligned up through the crown of your head. Here's a quick look at their location, what they represent, and color association:


Muladhara (root): base of spine. basic survival needs met. safety. feeling grounded.

Svadhisthana (sacral): right below belly button. the feminine. sexuality. creativity. worth. abundance.

Manipura (solar plexus): above belly button in middle of stomach. the masculine. inner power. control.

Anahata (heart): center of chest. love and compassion.

Vissudha (throat): throat. communication and expression. 

Ajna (third eye): point between eyebrows on forehead. intuition. seeing. 

Sahasrara (crown): top of head. connection to spirituality. 


Ready to meet your inner warrior? Your authentic and sexy higher self? I am!!


What does a chakradance™ class look like? It's awesome!! You will experience a welcoming ambiance in the room via candlelight, and  we will start with an opening meditation. I will then guide you through a warm up, and then comes the dance with the chakras! You may either wear an eye mask or close your eyes for this inner journey. Each beautiful piece of music is specifically chosen to match the vibration of each chakra. As myself and the music guide you, allow your spirit to move in whatever way it feels. After each dance we will create a mandala as an art response. The mandala is important because it may hold answers for you about the chakra you danced and lock in your experience. As we come back together, we will share our experiences and have a closing meditation. 


Chakradance™  is offered in various formats:

One time intro class (1-1.5 hours)

Workshop (1.5-3 hours available)

The spectacular 9 class cycle

​Retreat Getaway




I also offer life coaching with the 9 class cycle! In the 9 class cycle we spend one class per chakra, and in the following week have a coaching session on anything you want to work on regarding that chakra and what came up for you. What a way to really get in there, shift energy, and clear out! 



Want me to bring it to you? I love traveling, so let's talk about me coming your way! I offer both group and individual sessions. Let's get your chakradance™ on!