*Reiki is translated into Rei "Universal Life" and Ki "Energy", and

this energy is offered through me and offered to you. 


*Polarity Therapy acts as if we are putting your own batteries (energy) back in you the correct way so your energy is flowing freely, and aligns and balances all your systems. 


Both of these modalities are gentle, yet powerful. Our bodies are intelligent and know how to heal themselves. By offering you energy healing, the body takes what is needed and knows where to put it. Pretty cool, huh?


​Some of the benefits may include:


Reduced tension and anxiety


Clearing mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks

Reduced pain

​Promoting the bodies natural healing process

Overall wellness

Deepening feelings of peace and calm

Deeper connection to inner self

Increases immune function

Used in addition to conventional medical treatment

Healing inner children

Receiving messages from your guidance

Helps prepare the body for surgery and a fast, less painful recovery


What does a session/treatment look like?

Reiki vs. Polarity Therapy


Wearing comfortable clothing you will lay on a massage table. Reiki uses light touch, or none at all, and moves from head to toe touching upon your central energy system. Reiki offers gentle helaing leaving you feeling relaxed. 


Polarity is a combination of cranial sacral, acupressure, reflexology, chakra and aura work, crystal clearing, guidance and much more. Polarity works more in depth, and offers a deep clearing to leave you feeling light, refreshed, and reconnected to YOU.

*With the way I work, Polarity is naturally infused with reiki:)*