A group of truth seekers engaged in soulful experientials to listen to, get clear on, and live into their souls purpose


Ready to bust free of self limiting beliefs? To live into endless possibility? Well, I'm ready for you! Come taste the freedom that lives within you through art making, journaling, meditation, authentic movement, and life coaching. You will feel and see life with a whole new perspective.


Private Soulshop Parties!

Get your closest friends and family together for this one! In these Soulshops we will be held by the people that love you the most as we dive deep into letting go and healing. We can do everything from stepping tinto Empowerment to Fire Ceremomies! 

Let's chat about the possibilities! 


*Be on the lookout for more Soulshops! If you would like me to come to your area, let's talk!*

Monthly Akashic Moon Readings: AN Email Membership

Through this monthly membership you will receive insight and Soul magic for each months new and full moon cycle. With a sweet blend of astrology and the Akashic Records about these energies at play, you will hear on what to expect and tidbits on flowing with the cycles of nature. 10% of proceeds will be donated to a different cause each month which will be announced monthly.

You have 2 levels to choose from:


*Akashic Moon For All: $10/month*

This level gets you the insight for the month ahead:

New and full moon reading, what signs they will be in, what that means, and deeper insight from Akashic wisdom!


*Akashic Moon For You: $25/month*

This level gets you the first level AND a personalized monthly reading you will receive with the Akashic Moon For All. All the goodies with a topping of YOUR own Souls wisdom!


 Emails will be sent out at the beginning of each month. I'm so excited to offer this to your heart, and may these energy reports and insights help serve your highest good!

With Gratitude xoxo


"Christabeth and Chakra Camp is changing my life to say the least! Along learning and receiving fundamentals, I am also experiencing the knowledge I’m gaining within myself/others and am able to bring it into my everyday life with a deep and complete understanding. Not only is this program powerfully informative but also extremely personal and eye opening to my own unique energy system. I have had major releasing, healing, and aligning moments along this journey that have transformed my life for the better and taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine. What I have received from Chakra Camp are tools that will enhance my wellbeing for the rest of my life!" --Emily S.


Chakra Camp is a delicious, grounded, and holistic mix of in-depth education and personalized application around your own energy system. We will dive into easy and vital understanding of how chakras function so you can heal and align on deeper levels--AND gain a ton of tools for lifetime use to ensure your wholly healthy:) 


We will kick off your 10 sessions with a solid 1.5 hour foundational session, and build magic upon that over the next 9 one hour sessions. Through our sessions, you will utilize this amazing wisdom to energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally ignite healing--as every part of you is linked and effects all other parts:) 


**Chakra Camp Includes**


*Weekly one-on-one 1 hour sessions together, meeting for 10 sessions (*first session is 1.5 hrs)

*A kick off package with prizes you will use through camp (because why not?!😉)

*Understanding your unique system from the inside out and outside in

*Learn how each chakra impacts you, and if it's supporting you or you not--and how to change that so it works FOR you!

*Release and restore any pain points 

*One session used to receive energy work--a beautiful to way to rest, restore, and hear wisdom from your Guidance

*Personalized co created Soulwork + checkins to have between sessions 

*My full support (of course!) + here for you to ask questions any time! 


**Investment: $1330** 


With the payment options of:

*Pay in full + take $130 off ==$1170❤️

*Pay in two installments + take $60 off == $620/installment❤️

*Pay per session at $130--*Special note: the first session will be 1.5 hours, therefore investment is $160 for this ONE foundational session❤️ 


**Chakra Camp beautifully weaves together the important educational pieces (that I rarely, if ever, hear people talk about), along with your personal experiences of your system and they ways it has you functioning in the world:)**


Welcome to camp!

Akashic Records Training

Level l

6 Week Level l

Tuesdays, 4/6-5/11. 7-9pm EST. via Zoom. $333.

Register HERE through Rainbow Soul Collective!

Ever wonder about your life path and what direction to take...?


Or perhaps you keep finding yourself in the same relationship pattern...?


OR maybe you're struggling with something but it just doesn't quite make sense as to why...? 

Perhaps you just need some affirmation about what your thoughts and feelings are on something...?

So, what are the records and why access them?

Akasha is an energetic plane where everything that's ever happened in the history of the Universe is recorded.

Imagine this:

A big, beautiful library that's in the Akashic plane or field and in this library you have very own book of all of your Souls experiences. In a reading you get to "check out" your book and ask everything and anything you'd like--for it is your very own birthright and guidance afterall!

Anyone can access the Akashic Records (yay!). Therefore, as you practice accessing your records you will begin to work your intuitive muscle (further;)!

The Akashic Records act as a map and guiding tool on your life path. Although your human self can see where you may be in the present, your Soul self will span out to show you more of the map and your surrounding areas!

The records offer a bigger Soul perspective on our lives and help explain everything through the Souls eyes so we can have clarity and affirmation on:


Relationships/Soul Contracts






Past Life/Ancestral Lineage


Soul Lessons

Decision Making

Spiritual Self

Dis-Ease/Health Alignment

Self Love/Compassion

And More!

In this level l training you will receive:

A chakra clearing + initiation to access your records

The how-to on connecting to + reading your records in a grounded way

Learn how you perceive the records

Begin to work your intuitive muscle (yes, you totally have one!)

Connect more deeply with your Soul + path

Enjoy Aha! moments + have fun while doing it (plus connecting with other amazing Soul beings)!

Please feel free to send any questions along and to sign up please contact me through the contact page!

Excited to have you and have you experience your life from such a deep, soulful place! xo

Ps--So what about Level ll? Level ll is learning how to do Akashic Records readings for others (woot!). More to come....

Level ll Training Coming In July! 

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