Monthly Akashic Moon Readings: An Email Membership

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Through this monthly membership you will receive insight and Soul magic for each months new and full moon cycle. With a sweet blend of astrology and the Akashic Records about these energies at play, you will hear on what to expect and tidbits on flowing with the cycles of nature. 10% of proceeds will be donated to a different cause each month which will be announced monthly.

You have 2 levels to choose from:


*Akashic Moon For All: $10/month*

This level gets you the insight for the month ahead:

New and full moon reading, what signs they will be in, what that means, and deeper insight from Akashic wisdom!


*Akashic Moon For You: $25/month*

This level gets you the first level AND a personalized  reading you will receive with the Akashic Moon For All 2x/ month. All the goodies with a topping of YOUR own Souls wisdom!


 Emails will be sent out at the new moon and full moon cycles (2x/month). I'm so excited to offer this to your heart, and may these energy reports and insights help serve your highest good!

With Gratitude xoxo

Akashic Conjuring:
A Monthly Play Circle To Practice Accessing The Akashic Records

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Please join us to conjure up this monthly magic! Consider this a circle to gather in to practice this medicine--with yourself and as a group! 

If you have ANY experience/relatoinship with the Akashic Records--you are welcome!! Whether we've worked together or not--you are welcome!!

We will gather on the last of Thursday of each month from 7-8:30 EST via zoom to conjure up some goodness with Akasha!


This is being offered at a sliding scale of $20-$60:) 


There will be a topic we will hold each gathering, and besides visiting the records ourselves, there may be a guided meditation, intuition development, group healing, group reading, or anything else the records want to bring in! 

Please email for the zoom link by 6pm EST, and send payment to Soulfully Nourishing through Venmo or through PayPal:)xo 


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8 Tuesdays meeting Oct 18th-Dec 6th, 7-9pm EST 

Online via Zoom (recorded)

$388 with payment plans available;) 

Former Level l Students: $194 -
Have you taken Level I and would like a refresher?  Great, I’d love to have you! Join us for a discounted rate of $194!

Welcome home, darling! Through the portal of the Akashic Records, you are brought back to the very magical essence and heartful wisdom of who you truly are–your Soul.


Akasha is the energy field around and within us at all times that holds the utmost love, clarity, encouragement, gentlesss, nourishment, and healing. This space IS the space of everything your heart, mind, and body can lean into for answers, understanding, suggestions, and ways to shift your life and perspectives so you feel like you’re truly on your path (hint: you are absolutely always on your path–sometimes feeling like you’re not is part of being on your path, love;). 

What if nothings actually "wrong" with you? If you are perfectly on your path (again...see above!)? 

What's actually the world we are living in that's the freaking problem (because I'm telling you it absolutely is!). 

Then, what if you FELT the courage to do live your life unapologetically and in total alignment with the innate energy field you are a part of....from the unique Soul essence that you are? 


As you are a walking, breathing record yourself, it is your birthright to REMEMBER your essence beyond your human self...because THAT is who you actually are! It is your Soul right to plug back into the very love from which you have come, what you are, and will return to. 


The Akashic Records hold so much more to know about--even beyond your Soul. With support and encouragement, you will begin to see/know/feel/hear the beauty beyond in this limitless energy field of knowledge.


Accessing your records is a sacred act of self love, for if you could see yourself the way the Akashic sees you, you might show up to your life differently…you might be more gentle, lighter, courageous, and laugh a bit more;)

It was also change you. 

It will change how you think about things, and how you see the world and others in it--in the best of ways. 


In this course you will learn:


What the Akashic Records are & how they operate

How to connect to them and further develop your unique relationship with them 

Why you have embodied in this life, connect to past lives, and the WHY behind it all

Hear about your life purpose (it’s probably not what you think;)

Connect to your ancestral lineages for strength, as well as working with undoing unhealthy familial patterns 

Check in with your body and what it could it could use for balance and health

Learn about Soul contracts and seeing everyone's role in them

Advance your intuition, inner listening, and skill set

Create and practice daily rituals and self clearing tools for grounding

Dive into deeper, and specific topics on all things life, death, and spirit

We just might explore a little bit of your astrology…because your natal chart IS your Souls blueprint for this life;) (you don’t need to know anything about astrology–I’ve got you!)

Access to our Facebook group

No limit discounted 1 hour sessions/consultations for our 8 weeks together

A certificate of completion

And much more!

(I always leave space for what the Akashic might want to bring in, as they are the ones co-guiding our sessions:)

This 8 week journey will be offered in community via Zoom where you will receive a mix of discussion, guided meditation, self energy clearing, journaling, practice playing in your records, break out groups, slides for you to keep, and Soulwork.

Because I am kind of obsessed with the records, I am so dedicated to your own journey with them. I WANT you to have everything they have to offer!!


**Although you will have access to the class recordings, it is highly encouraged that you are able to join as many classes live as possible. If you can’t join live–no worries–and please know to receive a certificate of completion, we will schedule some check ins to see how you’re doing.**


Whether you are looking to deepen your intuitive gifts, add another service to your practice, or just know there’s something more you’re connected to (because you are!)--all is welcome! 

What our flow looks like:


Week 1: The First Flight

In week one we will open in ceremony and begin to lay the foundation of our work together through intention setting, and a wee bit of an intro of what the Akashic Records are. You will move into learning how to clear your minds and bodies for grounding. Like a butterfly taking flight, you will also connect to your Higher Selves to begin to open to this deeper relationship with Self. 


Week 2: Grounding Into 

As we begin with your newly learned body clearing, we will then hold inquiry around what Soul is through an experiential, journaling, and group conversation. Here is where we lay more specifics of learning exactly what the Akashic Records are--and as above, so below. As within, so without. 


Week 3: Expanding Up To

Now that we have laid the foundation, you will move more deeply into experiencing the records through breath work, receiving the opening and closing prayer to honor and access the Akashic, and open your records for the first time (woot!). From here, practice will be your dearest friend! 


Week 4: Claiming Deeply

You will flow into even more layers here through setting up space to connect to your records in a streamlined way. You will begin to explore specific topics in Akasha as you are now developing your relationship with. 


Week 5: Let The Magic Flow

We will talk about different ways to perceive the records and your continued evolution as you keep practicing accessing the Akashic, and all the ways it guides you with nourishment and compassion. There will also be more information and experiences with past lives, Soul contracts, ancestors, passed loved ones, and connecting to others Higher Selves. 


Week 6: Embodied Essence 

Who are you, really? How are you showing up to your life? What are ways your Soul wants to evolve? What are the other questions you want to ask? How is the prayer working for you? You will get down with all of these questions and more to embrace and embody what you wish for your heart, Soul, and sweet life, as well as evolve your prayer to fit you more personally if you'd like. 


Week 7: Free Flow

This class is will be a playground of continued exploration, experimentation, any questions you might have about the records, prayer development, and really a good space to play together (almost) one last time! 


Week 8: Final Reclaim + Celebration

Come dressed as your best, Highest Self to celebrate the homecoming and remembrance of your Soul! You will tap into your records for future self guidance, Q + A, Christabeth opening the records for the class, honoring your own innate gifts, and learn about what’s next. 

What's Next??

Weaving the Akashic into your life and practice to share with others!! This next step is learning how to hold readings for others--a great tool whether it's something you'd like to do for fun or advance your business (this can apply to any and all businesses--literally!!)

*Refunds offered up until 24 hours before we begin!*


Pay 1x In Full $388

Pay 2x $194 1x/mo for 2 mos

Pay 3x $129
1x/mo for 3 mos

Pay 8x $48.50
1x/wk for 8 wks


I invite you to cozy up on the fall equinox and receive some goodies in our Akashic circle. This is a space of respite and holding of our bodies, hearts, and Soul self--wherever you may be at that moment.


Maybe it's the Virgo season energy, maybe this is just a topic the Akashic wants to support us in right now (they know when we need what;): health and our bodies, as Virgo is all about health and healing (we will be moving into Libra right quick on the equinox, too;).


In circle, we will have an experience of deeply honoring ourselves and each other, hear a group message from the Akashic, and as always--folx will have an opportunity to ask a question:)


Please note if we are a full house, it's not guaranteed we will get to everyone, and we always aim for all to receive a message--it can also be vicariously through someone else;)!


Whether you are new to the expansive energy of Akasha, or seasoned--all welcome!

To sign up: please send payment ($30-$50 sliding scale) to Christabeth Ingold via Venmo, or via PayPal.

You will receive the zoom link late afternoon on 9/22.

See you for the equinox as we transition seasons, loves<3


**For those interested, I'd love to have you for this falls delicious 8 week flow 

"The Akashic Records: Welcome Home

Learning To Access The Akashic Portal To Embody Your Essence"

In this, you will learn about the Akashic Records and begin to develop your own relationship with them. Details right above!!**

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