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"Simply phenomenal"



This isn't just a's a whole mind-body-spirit experience...

This bodywork modality is a Whole Person approach- it's massage with a twist!


Here, I integrate Hawaiian lomilomi bodywork, massage therapy, energy work, and channeling for the ultimate experience of embodiment, release, and opening.


As we talk about your hopes and wishes before you get on the massage table for your tailored session, I will be listening to your whole Self in mind, body, and spirit--not just hearing what your sharing verbally. We will address anything that may be out of alignment in your life, and how it may be effecting your physical body through dis-ease, tension, and pain points. 


You may be surprised to learn about interconnections between what the wisdom of your body is holding and its physiological impact. 

When we address your Whole Self, the relief and results you receive will be far reaching in your wellbeing beyond your physical body- you may also feel relief, spaciousness, and clear emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically in addition to physically. 


Bodywork sessions are regularly: 

90 min/$160

120 min/$220


Packages are: 


90 min: 




120 min: 



LGBTQIA+/BIPOC Sliding Scale for Bodywork:

$120-$160 for a single 90 minute session

$180-$220 for a single 2 hour session

With a beautiful space at CLINIC Alternative Medicines in Northampton, MA, I invite to book directly with me through:

*Specailizing in Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage-check it out & receive the wave of Aloha!*

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