Christabeth has a colorful background with a common thread of healing throughout. Her heart is here to love and hold you as she walks by your side and gently guides you into alignment with your true self. Her various healing modalities will move you forward, help you let go, live more deeply and purposefully, and simply light your inner fire. 

With a life long passion for the healing arts, in 2006 Christabeth received her B.S. from Lesley University in Art Therapy, and is a candidate in the Masters Expressive Therapy program. Since then she has immersed herself in holistic healing and her own spirituality for personal growth and awareness, focusing on healing anxiety she once was experiencing. Something within her woke up and she just knew energy healing was part of her path as a facilitator of healing. From there she became an advanced reiki practitioner in 2011. Before any of this, she was gifted her first oracle deck. These cards have been a huge part of her healing journey. As Christabeth’s skills of being an empath developed, she has gathered more oracle cards and has been offering readings for many years now. This same year she went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. 

As her journey unfolded and she dove into Buddhism, meditation, yoga, and waking her true self up more through life inquiry, workshops, and trainings. Christabeth became a certified Souluna Life Coach in 2012. Coaching is her true love, as it is so interconnected with everything. She always tells her clients “In life coaching, we can literally coach on anything—it’s life!”. All the modalities she offers weave beautifully together, as they all serve each other. 

Her love and belief in energy healing has led to her to study energy medicine further, and specifically the chakra system. As of 2014, Christabeth received her license as a Chakradance Facilitator, combining movement and the chakra system as a way to tap into the body’s wisdom and heal. 

After visting Hawaii and co-facilitating a retreat there, she was being called to learn more about Hawaiian healing. Christabeth became certified in a lineage of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork called Heartworks Lomilomi Massage, Temple Style Lomilomi Massage, and many other lomilomi styles. 


As she hones in her skills further, she attended Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich, MA for Holistic Massage Therapy- a combination of Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy- and graduated in March 2018 as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Christabeth is a big hearted, yet fierce being, who wants the chance for everyone to experience the inner peace, healing, mindfulness, and love that innately exists within each of us. She also believes our inner flames light these fires of mind, body, spirit and we must tend the fire to live a fully true-to-the-self expressed life. Aloha! 

Know that I am here to serve you through my offerings and hold our work together with such gratitide and sacredness. Thank you:) 



Certified Life Coach

Certified Heartworks and Temple Style Lomilomi Bodyworker

Licensed Holisitic Massage Therapist

Certified Akashic Record Reader

Polarity Therapist

Licensed Chakradance Facilitator

Certified Advanced Reiki Practitoner 




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