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Hello Beautiful One!! 

Here, I offer 2 versions of ME as descriptions of how I may serve you, so you can choose what you'd like to learn about me:)


The short and sweet version is of me as a healer, and the longer version is of what our society would proclaim as the "professional" one...a lot of the things I've done be where I am today...which has been a journey!


The short of it:


I came into this world as a healer. We all have. When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut--and it turns out I am after all.

I am a spiritual astronaut;) 

I've been called a cosmic mother and a personal oracle more than once. 

It's that simple! 

My medicine is love, and through that I meet you wherever you're at with a holistic, mind/body/spirit approach. 

You need bodywork--we do massage or energy work! 

You need Soul guidance--we open the Akashic Records or pull out the oracle cards!

You need star guidance--we look at your natal chart!

You need more long term support to get the F* out of your way and embody your badassness, we coach! 

You yearn to know thyself better? 

We have a conversation so you can choose which modality serves best in this life moment. 

I'm a magic maker, I'm super loving and tender, I really am a cheerleader (and literally was), I swear sometimes because life just needs that level of expression, I care VERY VERY deeply that you feel that you are living wholly in alignment with all of you hearts callings--and you feel confident in saying YES/NO to the areas of your life that need the YES/NO.

I'm also queer--but I don't do labels and boxes--and wanted you to know if this is of importance...I get why if it is. So, I'm your queer healer:) 

Lastly, I am a Sagittarius sun, Virgo Rising, Pisces moon and am heavily Sag influenced with a flavors of Gemini. I am here as a forever student of life and bridge to the unseen, baby! 




Now, the 2nd version of my earthly trainings/education:


I have a colorful background with a common thread of healing throughout. My heart is here to love and hold you as I walk by your side and gently guide you into alignment with your true self. My various healing modalities will move you forward, help you let go, live more deeply and purposefully, and simply light your inner fire. 

With a life long passion for the healing arts, in 2006 I received my B.S. from Lesley University in Art Therapy, and although I started pursuing Expressive Therapy to become a LMHC, the Universe had others plans for me as a healer. The story continues below, and as some of my own intense stuff surfaced I had to face (ahem, anxiety!), I decided to leave grad school to understand and heal myself. 


 Since then I have immersed myself in holistic healing and my own spirituality for personal growth and awareness, focusing on healing the anxiety I was experiencing. I started seeing an amazing holistic therapist, and something within me woke up and I just knew energy healing was part of my path as a facilitator of healing.


From there I became an advanced reiki practitioner in 2011 with Christine Radice of Boston Reiki. Before any of this though, I was gifted my first oracle deck. These cards have been a huge part of my healing journey. As my skills of being a spirit speaker + channeler developed, I have gathered more oracle decks and have been offering readings for many years now. Back to 2011, I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. 

As my journey unfolded and I dove into Buddhism, meditation, yoga, and waking my true self up (or I was being smacked by the Universe;) more through life inquiry, workshops, and trainings. Through Coby Kozlowski, one of my greatest teachers, I became a certified Souluna Life Coach in 2012 . Coaching is my true love and foundation for how I approach my work. I always tells my clients “In life coaching, we can literally coach on anything—it’s life!”.


My love and belief in energy healing has led to me to study energy medicine further. As of 2014, I received my license as a Chakradance Facilitator from Natalie Southgate, combining movement and the chakra system as a way to tap into the body’s wisdom and heal.

Jumping back again, when I left grad school I didn't know what to do, so literally the first thing I did that week was reach out to a massage school. I ultimately decided I loved receiving massage, didn't want to give it, and would stay with offering energy work. 

AND THEN... enter Hawaiian shamanic bodywork--lomilomi massage!! A friend brought her teacher from Hawaii to Vermont, and without finishing reading the lomilomi class description, I was so in! 

This massage work is beyond beautiful, and in 2015 I started practicing Hawaiian lomilomi which wove together my energy work, channeling, and coaching background. 

I have been lucky to learn from Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell, Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, and my dear friend with blessings from Wayne, Bethany Boulger. 

It also led me to come full circle and actually go to massage school after all...this I didn't see coming AND I'm SO glad I did! In 2018 I graduated from Spa Tech Institute (Ipswich MA) and became a licensed holistic massage therapist. What makes it holistic? A combination of Polarity Therapy, a type of mind/body/spirit/lifestyle energy work was a part of my training, with massage, coaching, and channeling work. 

Somewhere in there I also completed a level 1 and level ll Akashic Records Reading Training with my dear friend and teacher Liz Varney. What's true is the Akashic brought me back home to remember what I know and seriously advanced my intuitive and channeling abilities. 

Most recently in 2021, I graduated from Flower and Stars Narrative Astrology through Grace Harrington Murdoch. Much like I came here as a healer and a channel, I've been a forever student of astrology and this program helped me remember what I've brought from past lives around astrology living in my bones. I just know it. 

Has that ever happened to you? You just know something--or it feels like you're remembering something deep within, like you've been taught that thing before? 

As for being a magic conjurer--that's who I came here as and will leave here as. Magic is everywhere in everything. 

We each are magical, and we each are healers--in our own ways. 


"They sang don't waste your hate
Rather gather and create
Be of service
Be a sensible person
Use your words and don't be nervous
You can do this, you've got purpose
Find your medicine and use it"

-Nahko and Medicine For The People 


Akashic Records Reader + Mentor

Energy Worker + Channeler

 Astrology Guide

Integrative Holistic Bodyworker + Hawaiian Shamanic Bodyworker

Life Coach

Ceremony Creator + Facilitator

Magic Conjurer

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